Driver’s Education

Floyd Central High School Drivers Education

FC will be offering a traditional classroom in June and July for those students that do not want the online class.

Online Enrollment

Registration Packets and Payment envelopes can be picked up at the bookstore

  1. Students can register for the online class (Driving Brilliance) at:
    • *New Students will click on Create an Account to Register.
  2. Cost is $395.00. Make payments to Floyd Central and turn in at the Bookstore in the online payment envelope.
    1. 30 hour of online instruction.
    2. Students will be in the car for 12 hours.
      • 6 hours of behind the wheel driving.
      • 6 hours of observation.
  3. Once the student has paid the $395 to the bookstore…
    • They can pick up an Indiana Driver’s Manual from the bookstore.
    • They will be accepted into the class and may start their online hours.
    • They need to print Certificate of Drivers Education (CDE) form in order to get driving permit (if you are unable to print contact Mr. Michell).
    • **Students are encouraged to get their permit ASAP so they can get started on their driving.
  4. How to obtain your learners permit:
  5. Once you have your permit please let Mr. Michell know and he will set you up with a driving instructor. Students are encouraged to sign up with a driving partner (They are not required to have a partner).  If they do not choose a partner they will be assigned a partner to drive with.
  6. Indiana Graduated Licensing System:
  7. If you have questions you may contact one of the instructors.