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Floyd Central High School is located in Floyds Knobs on 6575 Old Vincennes Road in Floyd County, Indiana, and is located a short drive away from Louisville, Kentucky.

In the beginning, Floyd Central was thought of as a rural farming community school, but as it
has grown, potential residents may choose from a range of housing including horse farms,
subdivisions or small towns. Floyd Central is part of the New Albany–Floyd County
Consolidated School Corporation, which serves nearly 11,000 students in Floyd County, and is
one of two high schools, with New Albany being the second. The school colors of Floyd Central
are green, gold and white and the school’s mascot is the Highlander, a Scottish soldier. The
school’s fight song is sung to The Minnesota Rouser.

The plans for Floyd Central Junior/Senior High School were initiated by the school board and
Superintendent, Glen Barkes, early in the 1960’s. Diversified high school curriculum, reduced
transportation costs, and a growing school corporation were the three main reasons for deciding
to build a new high school. Floyd County was growing and the schools were starting to become
overcrowded. In 1961, the opening day enrollment in New Albany Floyd County Schools was
expected to be around 9,800 students which was an enrollment increase of 200 more students
than the previous year. This growth was expected to continue as the Interstate Highway 64 was
being built through the county. At that time, Georgetown High School was the secondary high
school in the county, but was limited in what it could offer its students. The new plan would
allow Georgetown to become an elementary school and allow the construction of a new high
school to accommodate the needs and growth of the student population.
When the school board first began revising a plan, the budget was around $2,250,000. Ground
was broken on the 50 acre site in 1965 and by this time the cost was estimated to reach
$2,600,000. Following the initial construction of the school, Floyd Central has undergone
significant renovations in 1970, 1984, 2004, and most recently 2010. The building now spans
eight acres, which incorporates a planetarium, computer labs, library, radio/TV studio, two gyms,
auditorium, small theatre and a cafeteria with outside seating. The campus also includes the Les
Wright Athletic Complex that encompasses the Ron Weigleb Football Stadium, two soccer
fields, two softball diamonds, two baseball diamonds, practice fields and concession areas which
brings the total campus site to 97.25 acres. Floyd Central is the perfect learning environment for
students both old and new. Though the school has seen much and undergone many changes, the
future of Floyd Central is limitless.