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Making Your Schedule


Emily Sowder, Grades 10-12, last names A-G
Jessica Newkirk, Grades 10-12, last names H-N
Mark Clark, Grades 10-12, last names O-Z
Larissa Jerke, all freshmen
Brittany Eisner

4 Year Plan

You will get together with your counselor during the school year to discuss your 4 year plan during high school which will outline (very loosely) what classes you hope to take throughout your high school education and what you hope to accomplish.

Adding and Dropping Classes

Students must be enrolled for six classes. Dropping a class requires approval from parents and the counselor, and arrangements for adding another class must be made. A student can only drop their class within two weeks of the start of the semester

Graduation Requirements

Every student is required to take eight credits of English, four credits of math, four credits of social studies, four credits of science, two credits of physical education or four credits of JROTC, one credit of Health and Wellness, one credit of Career Information, one credit of Computer Applications, five flex credits, six credits for career academic sequence, and six electives from business/art/technology as a minimum. A minimum as the higher diplomas go, so do the requirements for the diplomas.