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The primary goal of the Renaissance program, founded by Jostens and educators in 1988, is to create a culture in which academic excellence is supported and rewarded, which will result in an increase in student performance, teacher enthusiasm and parent awareness, as well as a raised level of community business participation in schools. In 1994 Floyd Central joined more than 2,000 Renaissance schools in the United States that offer numerous recognition and incentive programs to reward both student and teacher performance. There are no annual fees paid to Jostens and schools are not required to purchase anything from Jostens to participate. The Renaissance program links students, teachers, parents and community businesses, and allows everyone to take an active role in improving student academic achievement. Parents and community businesses donate time, money, materials and merchandise so students can earn academic and citizenship recognition. Students benefit from the program because it raises the profile of academics. Teachers benefit with renewed enthusiasm about their profession. Parents benefit by being actively involved in the education of their children. Community businesses benefit from increased sales and a well-educated work force. Everyone wins!

Purpose/Mission: To enhance the educational experience of all students by:

  1. Supporting academic and enrichment activities through volunteer and financial assistance.
  2. Encouraging parental involvement
  3. Providing a channel of communication between parents and teachers, administrators and staff.


Your generous donation of time allows the PTO to sponsor programs that support and encourage students and teachers. The PTO needs parent involvement to make these programs happen. There are many opportunities available to get involved. Choose a way to participate in at least one of these activities so you can be a part of your child’s education. We need you to make the school year a success!


Recognition Success Cards Success Cards are given each semester to students with a 2.5 and higher GPA based on the previous semester’s GPA. The cards include discounts and offers from local merchants. Levels and Criteria: Gold-4.0 and above GPA; Silver-3.5-3.99 GPA; Bronze-3.0-3.49 GPA; Green-2.5-2.99 GPA.  A “Welcome to FC” card is given to all incoming Freshmen and New Students.
Recreational After Prom (May) A party is provided for students after the Prom.
Senior Dinner Dance Dinner and Dance off site for Seniors in February
Senior Luncheon Lunch celebration for seniors in May
Hospitality Welcome Back Breakfast (July) The teachers and staff receive breakfast to kick-off the start of each new school year.
Holiday Luncheon (December) Lunch is provided for the teachers to show our support of their hard work.
Valentine Lunch (February) We provide lunch for the teachers on Valentine’s Day
Retirement Party (May) The PTO hosts a retirement party for teachers and staff retiring. We provide cake and punch.
Recognition Teacher and Support Staff of the Month A teacher or support staff member is recognized each month.
Teacher Recognition Student Letters (November) Students write thank you notes to teachers.
Staff T-shirts (July) The PTO purchases T-shirts or Polos for the staff to wear on spirit days. Bus drivers are given t-shirts every other year.
Assistance Registration Volunteers are recruited to help promote PTO during registration.
Red Ribbon Week Four volunteers are needed to help with Red Ribbon week during the school day.
Random  Acts of Kindness Just as it says, PTO spontaniously does fun things for the students
Fundraiser Walk-A-Thon Parent volunteers will organize and plan a walk-a-thon to raise funds for the programs supported by the PTO.
Business Corporate Sponsor The PTO will recognize Corporate Sponsors.  Corporate Sponsors donate $500 or more in goods or services to Floyd Central.
College Fair (September) Hospitality Room for College Recruiters
PTO Meetings (monthly) Monthly at 4pm in the FC Office Conference Room. Dates TBD, check FC PTO Facebook Page for most recent updates
Web Site: PTO minutes and activities are posted on the Floyd Central website.
Independent 501c-3 Organization The FCPTO/Renaissance is  now officially a recognized independent charitable organization (501c-3) with tax exempt and sales tax exempt status. Donations are tax deductible in most cases.





Programs provided by PTO/Renaissance would not be possible without your generous donations. The PTO relies entirely on the fundraisers listed below

  • Parent Donations – Each year at registration we request parents become annual members of the PTO by assisting us monetarily by writing a check to provide the main financial base.
  • Corporate Sponsors – Each year we request local businesses to help us with funding and merchandise to reward our students.
  • Walk A Thon- Each year in the fall, students donate money to walk and enjoy other activities at the football field.
  • Century Club Members – Thank you to the following individuals and businesses
    that generously supported the PTO with donations of $100 or more.
  • Donations are accepted 24/7 via PayPal (

More information for the Capital Fundraising Campaign is being mailed to homes soon.

Board Members and Committee Chairs

PTO/Renaissance Board


  O F F I C E R S President Amie Schindler
Vice President Amy Cook
Secretary Taylor Phelps
Treasurer Teresa Dickerson
Members at Large Sandra Driggs
Elizabeth Jekel
 Ginger Grayer
Heather Peter
  A D M I N I S T R A T O R S Principal Rob Willman
Assistant Principal Staff Development Jody Johnson
Assistant Principal Student Activities Jeff Cerqueira
Assistant Principal Student Development Joe Voelker
Teacher Representative Amanda Ford
  T E A C H E R


Welcome Breakfast (July)
Holiday Luncheon
February Luncheon (Thursday)
Retirement Reception (May)
  T E A C H E R


Staff of the Month
Staff Baskets
November Thank You Notes
  S T U D E N T


After Prom
Senior Day
Success Cards
Success Cards
Sports Physicals
Open House Reception
College Day Refreshments
Sr. Dinner Dance
  F U N D R A I S I N G Capital Campaign  (Aug)
Fall Fun Fest


Student Renaissance

The Student Renaissance, led by Ms. Julie Hanen and Deann Trasher, has student committees which plan and organize school activities with the following goals:

 Student Recognition  To recognize and acknowledge students for their academic achievements, leadership, and attendance.
 Staff Recognition  To recognize and acknowledge the faculty for their contributions to make school a better place.
 Spirit Recognition  To encourage school spirit and pride.

The Student Renaissance has two fundraisers each year to provide the funds to reach these goals:
Walk – a – thon (October)
Holiday Bazaar (December)
Academic Pep Rally (April)


Monthly Updates

Board Minuets:

  1. September 2018
  2. October 2018
  3. November 2018 (no meeting)
  4. December 2018
  5. January 2019
  6. February 2019
  7. March 2019 (no meeting)
  8. April 2019
  9. May 2019